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Office Filing SystemsStormor shelving offers a new innovative, modular storage solution, which optimises available space and is capable of satisfying a wide range of office storage requirements. Every shelving layout is designed to meet specific customer needs without compromise.

All the benefits of many different types of steel shelving have been combined in this truly versatile and interchangeable system. With the economy of open Mono frames, the simplicity of one-piece Solo frames or the clean lines of Duo frames, Stormor shelving offers it all. Steel shelves and storage accessories are a common fitting to all frame styles - so you can adapt your Stormor shelving as future needs change without worrying about compatibility.

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Stormor Solo - Closed Upright Shelving System

Stormor Mono - Open Upright Shelving System

Stormor Duo - Premier Range Shelving System

Modular design including a range of interchangeable accessories, gives our office Shelving great scope and capability for the creation of custom-designed storage facilities. From general purpose shelving for stationary stores and stock rooms to archive shelving, for live and dead archived documents.

Mobile StorageA mobile storage system from SHELF SPACE is a cost effective method of utilising valuable floor space. With high density shelving for your office you can either double the capacity of filing/storage or create floor space for other productive purposes.

Stormor Solo - Closed Upright Shelving System

Solo Open Shelving SystemSolo Clad Shelving   The robust solution for everyday storagSolo

  • shelving has single skin uprights, This offers a cost-effective solution to everyday storage as well as being a quick and easy system to assemble.
  • A wide range of accessories are available. Shelves carry up to 70Kgs. Components are finished in Stormor grey

Stormor Mono - Open Upright Shelving System

Upright Shelving

Ideal for general storage. Versatile and fully adjustable Mono

shelving has open frames and is suited for the heavier duty applications and where ventilation is required.



Stormor Duo - Premier range shelving system

Premier Shelves SystemsDuo Shelving Archiving

Ideal for archiving applications

A stylish addition to every office



Duo shelving with its double skin uprights allows the full shelf width to be used, with clear unimpeded access for easy insertion of files.

Satisfies the common requirements of BS5454:2000 - Recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents