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Store Room Shelving Effective storage systems are designed to provide efficient storage and retrieval. That's why every mobile shelving system, whilst maximising the use of the floor space for storage, will also give excellent accessibility to items stored.

Mobile office shelving is most effective in saving space, as it eliminates the need for several access aisles. Because the shelving moves along floor tracks, the space for only one aisle is needed. When an item is required the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created by moving the mobile shelving units apart.

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Visit our Mobile Shelving Systems web site for specific information and details on high density storage systems.

Mobile shelving is opened and closed by pull handles, hand driven mechanical systems or electric motors with push button control.

Additional benefits of mobile shelving include the efficient location of items and security - mobile units can be closed and locked together to prevent unauthorised access.

Mobile shelving systems provide much more efficient space utilisation compared to static shelving or conventional filing solutions such as cabinets and cupboards.

X5 Rotary Storage SystemsAs well as saving space, mobile shelving systems are ideal where sensitive or expensive items are stored because the systems can be closed up and locked to restrict access.

Office based mobile storage is ideal for the storage of live filing, wether the filing is in the form of A4 files or wallets, Foolscap files, cardboard archive boxes or lateral hanging files suspended from shelves.

Todays office environment creates demands for efficiency in filing and document management. Where filing space was once dominated by conventional 4 drawer filing cabinets, the need for improved accessibility, space utilisation and information security has generated new storage problems.The X5 rotary storage cabinet provides the solution.

Mobile office storage systems can more than double the storage capacity of conventional static shelving or simply free up valuable floor space. Mobile shelving systems can be used for:

  • Office filing and general storage
  • Medical records & hospital, doctors, patient records
  • Library shelving for books, brochures and media
  • Archive filing and document storage
  • Architects practices for drawing
  • Retail stock storage
  • Small parts storage
  • Antiquities & Museum Storage
  • Archive Box Shelving
  • A4 Box Files
  • Lateral Hanging Files
  • X-ray departments for the storage of x-rays
  • X5 Rotary Storage
  • Media Tape Storage
  • School and educational supplies

For further information on our wide range of mobile shelving systems, visit our Mobile Shelving Systems web site.