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Archiving any type of "live" or "dead" document or media, can be a costly exercise. Keep costs down by allowing SHELF SPACE to plan the most cost effective archive shelving system within the space you have available. A well planned and maintained archive shelving system enables fast and efficient file retrieval.

Mobile Shelving is being used more and more in archive depositories / stores to maximise the capacity of existing rooms at SHELF SPACE, we have an archive shelving system to meet your budget no matter how big the project. We are able to cater for the storage of a wide variety of archived material, from static shelving for archive box storage to mobile shelving, storing medical records for hospitals.

We recognise that as markets and legislation change, so do the demands this places on any archive shelving system.

  • Compliance with the new Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act is now a legal requirement.
  • Both Acts demand quick and easy location and retrieval of Information
  • Full access rights came into force in January 2005. 
  • Similarly, as our economy becomes increasingly reliant on the service sector, volumes and methods of data storage increases. Records in the commercial sector such as finance continue to grow quick, easy-to-use filing systems help in the provision of rapid-response customer service.

 We are able to supply Archive Shelving for:

  • Archive Box Storage
  • Lateral Hanging Files
  • Foolscap
  • Medical Records
  • Files, Directories & books
  • Bulk Archives and Records
  • Video & Film Storage 

See our range of Stormor Shelving which satisfies the common requirements of BS5454:2000  - ''Recommendations for the storage and exhibition of archival documents''


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